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The Hec Crighton Trophy, presented to Canadian Interuniversity Sport by the Board of Directors to the Canadian College Bowl, is awarded to the outstanding football player in CIS. The trophy is named after the late Hec Crighton - teacher, coach, referee, author of the Official Football Rule Book and the CIS Rule Book.

2011 Billy Greene UBC
2010 Brad Sinopoli Ottawa
2009 Erik Glavic Calgary
2008 Benoit Groulx Laval
2007 Erik Glavic Saint Mary's
2006 Daryl Stephenson Windsor
2005 Andy Fantuz Western
2004 Jesse Lumsden McMaster
2003 Tommy Denison Queen's
2002 Tommy Denison Queen's
2001 Ben Chapdelaine McMaster
2000 Kojo Aidoo McMaster
1999 Phill Côté Ottawa
1998 Éric Lapointe Mt. Allison
1997 Mark Nohra UBC
1996 Éric Lapointe Mt. Allison
1995 Don Blair Calgary
1994 Bill Kubas Laurier
1993 Tim Tindale Western
1992 Eugene Buccigrossi Toronto
1991 Tim Tindale Western
1990 Chris Flynn Saint Mary's
1989 Chris Flynn Saint Mary's
1988 Chris Flynn Saint Mary's
1987 Jordan Gagner UBC
1986 Blake Marshall Western
1985 Larry Mohr Queen's
1984 Phil Scarfone McMaster
1983 Greg Vavra Calgary
1982 Rick Zmich Ottawa
1981 Dan Feraday Toronto
1980 Greg Marshall Western
1979 Scott Mallender Windsor
1978 Jamie Bone Western
1977 Bob Cameron Acadia
1976 Bob Stracina Acadia
1975 Brian Fryer Alberta
1974 Al Charuk Acadia
1973 Dave Pickett Saskatchewan
1972 Andrew Parici
1971 Mel Smith Alberta
1970 Paul Paddon Ottawa
1969 Dave Fleiszer McGill
1968 Mike Raham Toronto
1967 Mike Eben Toronto



Presented to Canadian Interuniversity Sport in 1980 by Ed Zemrau, CIS Past President and Robert Doty, Past President of the College Bowl, the award is presented to the Outstanding Defensive Player in CIS.

2011 Max Garon Concordia
2010 Henoc Muamba StFX
2009 Cory Greenwood Concordia
2008 Thaine Carter Queen's
2007 Mat Nesbitt Regina
2006 Patrick Donovan Concordia
2005 Patrick Donovan Concordia
2004 Mickey Donovan Concordia
2003 Neil McKinlay Simon Fraser
2002 Adam MacDonald StFX
2001 David Stipe Bishop's
2000 Joey Mikawoz Manitoba
1999 Mike Letendre Saskatchewan
1998 Warren Muzika Saskatchewan
1997 Jason Van Geel Waterloo
1996 Derek Krete Western
1995 Paul Frlan StFX
1994 Corey Delaney Waterloo
1993 Lou Tiro Toronto
1992 Alex Eliopoulos Saint Mary's
1991 Ray Bernard Bishop's
1990 Randy Power Mt. Allison
1989 Mark Singer Alberta
1988 Leroy Blugh Bishop's
1987 Brent Lewis Western
1986 Mark Norman UBC
1985 Darcy Kopp Calgary
1984 Larry Oglesby Mt. Allison
1983 Tom Timlin Carleton
1982 Mike Emery UBC
1981 Mike Emery UBC
1980 Rich Payne Laurier



The J.P. Metras Trophy is presented to the outstanding lineman in CIS. Initiated in 1974, the Centennial Year of Canadian University Football, the award is in recognition of the achievements of John Pius Metras who, for 30 years as head coach of the University of Western Ontario Mustangs, established a lifetime record of 106 victories, 76 losses and 11 ties, including 9 league championships.

2011 Arnaud Gascon-Nadon Laval
2010 Arnaud Gascon-Nadon Laval
2009 Matt Morencie Windsor
2008 Étienne Légaré Laval
2007 Scott Evans Laurier
2006 Chris Best Waterloo
2005 Dominic Picard Laval
2004 Troy Cunningham Concordia
2003 Ibrahim Khan Simon Fraser
2002 Israel Idonije Manitoba
2001 Carl Gourgues Laval
2000 Randy Chevrier McGill
1999 Tyson St. James UBC
1998 Garret Everson Calgary
1997 Mike Kushnir StFX
1996 James Repesse Saskatchewan
1995 Harry Van Hofwegen Carleton
1994 Paul Connery Bishop's
1993 Paul Chesser Concordia
1992 Chris Konrad Calgary
1991 Jason Rauhaus Manitoba
1990 Chris Morris Toronto
1989 Chris Gioskos Ottawa
1988 Veron Stiliadis Laurier
1987 Pierre Vercheval Western
1986 Louie Godry Guelph
1985 Mike Schad Queen's
1984 Boyd Young Ottawa
1983 Jim DeSilva Carleton
1982 Peter Langford Guelph
1981 Tony Grassa StFX
1980 Scott McArthur Calgary
1979 Jim Muller Queen's
1978 Dave Willox Alberta
1977 Dick Bakker Queen's
1976 Gerry Inglis Alberta
1975 Mark Pothier Saint Mary's
1974 Bart Evans Manitoba



The Peter Gorman Trophy is awarded to the Rookie of the Year in CIS. The Trophy acknowledges the great contribution Peter Gorman has made to the development of Canadian University Football. As Founder of the Canadian College Bowl, his emphasis has always been on the youth of Canada. It is only fitting that Gorman would be associated with the encouragement of the rookies.

2011 Tyler Varga Western
2010 Eric Dzwilewski Calgary
2009 Linden Gaydosh Calgary
2008 Jordan Verdone Waterloo
2007 Liam Mahoney Concordia
2006 Dalin Tollestrup Calgary
2005 Martin Gagné Montreal
2004 Kyle Williams Bishops
2003 Maxime Gagnier Montreal
2002 Andrew Fantuz Western
2001 Jeremy Steeves StFX
2000 J.-Frédéric Tremblay Laval
1999 Sébastien Roy Mt. Allison
1998 Kojo Aidoo McMaster
1997 Paul Carty StFX
1996 Jeff Johnson York
1995 Éric Lapointe Mt. Allison
1994 Andre Arlain StFX
1993 Jerome Pathon Acadia
1992 Sean Reade Western
1991 Domenic Zagari Manitoba
1990 Bill Kubas Laurier
1989 Chris Banton Ottawa
1988 Grant Keaney Mt. Allison
1987 Dan Farthing Saskatchewan
1986 Michael Soles McGill
1985 Mark Brown Carleton
1984 Jeff Funtasz Alberta
1983 Paul Nastasiuk Laurier
1982 Mike Fabiilli Ottawa
1981 Glenn Steele UBC
1980 John Hutchinson Mt. Allison
1979 Joey Tynes StFX
1978 John Lowe Guelph
1977 Gord Goodwin Queen's
1976 Jim Reid Laurier



The Frank Tindall Trophy, dedicated in honour of the former head coach of the Queen's Golden Gaels (29 years, 106-74-2, 8 league and 1 national title), is presented to the CIS Coach of the Year. The Selection Committee is composed of members of the Carleton University Old Crow Society.

2011 Jeff Cummins Acadia
2010 Glen Constantin Laval
2009 Steve Sumarah Saint Mary's
2008 Pat Sheahan Queen's
2007 Frank McCrystal Regina
2006 Denis Piché
2005 Glen Constantin Laval
2004 Jerry Friesen Alberta
2003 Gary Jeffries Wilfrid Laurier
2002 Chuck McMann McGill
2001 Brian Dobie Manitoba
2000 Greg Marshall McMaster
1999 Blake Nill Saint Mary's
1998 Larry Haylor Western
1997 John Stevens StFX
1996 Dan McNally Guelph
1995 Rick Zmich Laurier
1994 Brian Towriss Saskatchewan
1993 Larry Uteck Saint Mary's
1992 Ian Breck Bishop's
1991 Rich Newbrough Laurier
1990 Larry Haylor Western
1989 Dave Knight Waterloo
1988 Larry Uteck Saint Mary's
1987 Frank Smith UBC
1986 Bruce Coulter Bishop's
1985 Peter Connellan Calgary
1984 Steve Bruno Mt. Allison
1983 Doug Hargreaves Queen's
1982 Bernie Custis McMaster
1981 John Huard Acadia
1980 Cam Innes Ottawa
1979 Dave "Tuffy" Knight Laurier
1978 Frank Smith UBC
1977 Peter Conellan Calgary
1976 Darwin Semotiuk Western
1975 Don Gilbert Ottawa
1974 Ron Murphy Toronto
1973 Ed Hilton UPEI
1972 Dave "Tuffy" Knight
1971 Jim Donlevy Alberta
1970 Frank Cosentino Western
1969 Henry Janzen Manitoba



The Russ Jackson Award is presented to the player best exemplifying the attributes of academic achievement, football skill and citizenship and is named in honour of CFL Hall of Famer / Ottawa Rough Rider and McMaster University Quarterback, Russell Stanley Jackson.

2011 Dillon Heap Laurier
2010 Thomas Hall Manitoba
2009 Thomas Hall Manitoba
2008 David Hamilton Toronto
2007 Clovis Langlois-Boucher Sherbrooke
2006 Naim El-Far Ottawa
2005 Dan Parker Mount Allison
2004 Nathan Beveridge UBC
2003 Curt McLellan Queen's
2002 Lincoln Blumell Calgary
2001 Josh Alexander Laurier
2000 Carlo Panaro Alberta
1999 Carlo Panaro Alberta
1998 Jean-Philippe Darche McGill
1997 Sam Stetsko Alberta
1996 Sean O'Neill Carleton
1995 Ted MacLean SMU
1994 Steve Papp McGill
1993 David Sykes SMU
1992 David Sykes SMU
1991 J.P. Veri McGill
1990 J.P. Veri McGill
1989 Jock Climie Queen's
1988 Andrew Allison Mt. Allison
1987 Elio Geremia Calgary
1986 Charlie Galunic Queen's



Named in honour of Gino Fracas, legendary coach at the Universities of Alberta and Windsor, the award recognizes outstanding career service by a volunteer assistant football coach. The award was introduced in 1988.

2011 Brian Cuff Guelph
2010 Larry Stewart Acadia
2009 Pierre Lefebvre Calgary
2008 Terry Chisholm StFX
2007 Nigel Wilson Western
2006 Wayne Harris Jr. Calgary
2005 Richard Urbanovich Manitoba
2004 Ross Lemke Montreal
2003 Rob Dalley Wilfrid Laurier
2002 Barry Radcliffe Saskatchewan
2001 Frank Gesztesi McMaster
2000 Kevin Artichuk StFX
1999 John Belmont Alberta
1998 Mark Forsyth McMaster
1997 Rita Sue Bolton Queen's
1996 Peter Regimbald Concordia
1995 Gary Kirchner McGill
1994 Bill Miklas Queen's
1993 Bob Mullen Queen's
1992 Doug Smith Toronto
1991 Clarke Samways Western
1990 John MacNeil Mt. Allison
1989 Phil Hughes StFX
1988 Morgan Clark Windsor

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